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Teaching since 2016
Ms Prathebha Nair
Spoken: English
Written: English
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Subject Description.

I will be helping and guiding students for the MUET examination especially for the Speaking, Reading and Writing, as well as participating in discussions. Students will be given frequent practices to maximise on the areas of communication and 4 language skills to prepare them to score in MUET examination.

Teaching Area

Serdang, Bandar Baru Bangi, Country Heights, Jade Hill, Kajang

Terms & Conditions

Per lesson: RM 80

Per month: RM 360

Lesson duration: 90 mins

Minimum lesson per month: 4 lesson/s

Tutors lessons: One to one, One to many, Online tutorial

Age group: 18 - 20

Tutor venue: Tutor home, Students home, Centre, Flexible

Travel policy: Yes, Within 10 km

Cancellation: 2 days

Verification: Approved on 30 September 2019

About Tutor

My name is Prathebha Nair and I'm from Kajang. I've done my primary and secondary education in SMK Convent Kajang and my degree in Unisel. I was a new students facilitator for 2 years. I'm an avid reader and traveller.

Education / Qualification

I have a Bachelor degree in Finance and I have a MUET band 4. I was also a part time tutor for my peers to prepare them for the MUET examinations. I was a kindergarten teacher at my aunt's kindergarten while awaiting for my STPM results.

My Time Table.

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