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Additional Mathematics

Additional Mathematics.

Teaching since 2009
Mr Chinyuan Lock
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Subject Description.

Lessons are designed to help students approach topics in Additional Mathematics in intuitive way with using practical applications scenarios. Students' initial perception of the subject's complexity and abstractness will rapidly change into solid grasp and enhanced confidence. Compact 30-45-minute lessons with visual demonstrations of concepts, logical step-by-step problem solving methodology, performance aid and competency checks. Lessons are best suited for Form 4 SPM students who are currently facing difficulties in comprehending Additional Mathematics lesson in school and require different approach in learning.

Teaching Area

Seremban, Port Dickson, Sendayan, Mantin, Senawang

Terms & Conditions

Free trial lesson: Yes

Per lesson: RM 30

Per month: RM 100

Lesson duration: 45 mins

Minimum lesson per month: 4 lesson/s

Tutors lessons: One to one, One to many

Age group: 15 - 18

Tutor venue: Students home

Travel policy: No

Cancellation: 24-hour prior notice required for cancellation of attendance

Verification: Approved on 04 June 2020

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A former engineering instructor with a multinational company with 10 years of experience in training engineers and technicians, keen on helping students who find Additional Mathematics daunting and transforming them into high achieving learners of this subject. My niche is facilitating students to grasp seemingly abstract Additional Mathematics topics with intuitive practical day-to-day applications, using a lot of visual demonstration to attain rapid competence.

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Bachelor in Electrical Engineering (UTM)

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