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MUET tutoring

MUET tutoring.

Teaching since 2015
Spoken: English
Written: English
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Subject Description.

My teaching approach heavily depends on the learners' target learning and learning styles. The main learning objective is to develop learners' understanding and competency in their target studies and I believe analytic feedback (very detailed feedback) is the main key to all four skills' (speaking, writing, listening, reading) development.

Teaching Area

Kuching, Mukah

Terms & Conditions

Per lesson: RM 80

Per month: RM 160

Lesson duration: 120 mins

Minimum lesson per month: 2 lesson/s

Tutors lessons: Online tutorial

Age group: 16 - 30

Tutor venue: Flexible

Travel policy: No

Cancellation: 24 hours notice

Verification: Approved on 27 January 2020

About Tutor

My major would be teaching English as a Second Language for international or non-native English speakers. I have taught English as a second language to international male and female students (General English and IELTS) in one of the universities in New Zealand to help them reach higher proficiency. Besides that, I have also taught English to high school students at Sabah, Kuching and now Mukah to help them in their English academic subjects.

Education / Qualification

Masters in Applied Linguistics Postgraduate Diploma in Second Language Teaching Bachelor in Education with Honors (TESL)

My Time Table.

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